Sakkary offers a large bandwidth of machines, from low-cost entry-level models to high-end machines with a variety of control options.

The table moves longitudinally only. This ensures full contact and support on the machine bed, even in the table limit position.
-The column moves transversely only. This guarantees uniform contact between the column slide and the machine bed in any column position.
-The spindle housing moves vertically only. This provides a constant distance between the vertical slide ways and the grinding wheel.
-The flanged cartridge spindle is support by class 7 (CP4) matched angular contact ball bearings, which are preloaded and fit into the spindle cartridge. This will guarantee a maximum 2 micron run out.
-The automatic lubrication system ensures all the critical components are lubricated with right amount of oil at all times.
-The external and independent hydraulic unit eliminates the transfer of heat and vibration to the machine.
-The control operates with preset increment and spark-out times grinding cycle for Plunge-cut and Surface grinding both with sequences of fine feed ~ spark-out ~ retraction. Spindle motor stop, coolant pump stop and table parking can be chosen in any combination.
-Sizes available from ( 500~900 )mm by ( 1000~3000 )mm.
Name Specifications
Three axes automatic surface grinder with small footprint.-Castings are made of high quality ribbed cast iron, which have been tempered to achieve extreme rigidity.-X&Y slide ways are laminated with Turcite-B, hand-scraped with sufficient lubrication. ( 250AHD with ball bearing table and D-2 (SKD-11) slide ways).-The elevation guide ways (Z axis) are hand-scraped then secured to the column structure.-The spindle is supported by CP4 preloaded super precision angular contact ball bearings. This will guarantee a maximum run-out of 2 microns for heavy duty, stable and accurate grinding.-Separate hydraulic system with a specially designed valve enables smooth table reversing with a 26 meter/min table speed.-Automatic lubricating system to ensure smooth and long lasting operation in all 3-axes.-

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