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Iron worker

Part No. 72


Iron Worker Machine

Are multi-purpose machines for metal working.
The hydraulic ironworker has five workstations, allowing punching, profile cutting, angle cutting and shearing of the square and round metal bars.
This machine has a single piston that allows one work station to slide manually from left to right .
The distance of the piston stroke is adjustable for better productivity.
Punching and shearing can be made on both sides by a switch on the electrical switch. The 5 stations are connected to single piston and worked by the foot pedal.
Q35Y Series Hydraulic ironworker with combined punching &shearing functions are capable of cutting and punching all kinds of materials such as plate, square bar, angle, round bar, channel and so on. Meanwhile, YSD industrial Hydraulic ironworker have been specially designed and built with highest quality standard, making it outstanding for quick deliveries. This profitable machine will surely bring great convenience and benefits to any grueling fabrication shop in the forthcoming decades.
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