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Big taper Wire cut EDM

Part No. 2

The Taper Cutting Mechanism: It's driven by two step-motors to realize U and V movement, which can make the 4 axis (X,Y,U,V) simultaneously movement.

Structure of wire frameThe symmetric structure for the upper and down frame to keep the tension of moly wire within the scope of normal tension.

There are same quantity of arrange wire pulley, which make same tension in every point of the moly wire.

So no matter thin or thick work piece, the moly wire is not easy to break down.

Comparing with "C" Shape structure, which always been used in other factories' machine.

Our structure short the wire travel route to avoid the shock during the running of the wire and make sure the accuracy.

The working table: The working table with T-shape slots, we supply a standard clamp for free.

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