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Horizontal Band Saws

Part No. 12346

This Band Sawing Machine Is A Semi Automatic Band Sawing Machine, Which Is Mainly Used For Sawing Small And Medium-sized Profiles. The Angle Rotation Is Manual Controlled.
* The Base Of The Miter Cutting Band Sawing Machine Is A Steel Plate Structure, And A Rotating Shaft Is Installed On The Base. When The Sawing Angle Is Required, The Saw Frame Can Be Rotated Around The Rotating Shaft Within The Range Of 0 To 45ยบ. The Rotation Of The Angle Is Driven By A Manual Screw, And The Scale Is Manually Aligned.
* Saw Frame Lifting Is Pivot Type, The Saw Frame Moves Up And Down Around The Rotating Shaft Driven By The Oil Cylinder, And The Bottom Of The Oil Cylinder Adopts A Hinge Type To Avoid Over-positioning And Affect The Stability Of The Saw Frame Lifting And Lowering.
* This Miter Cutting Band Sawing Machine Is Designed With A Separate Electrical Control Cabinet. All Electrical Components Are Installed In The Electrical Cabinet. To Ensure Safety, Interlocks Are Provided Between Each Action. Specifically: If The Vise Is Not Clamped, And The Main Drive Cannot Work; During The Sawing Process, The Vise Must Not Be Loosened; All Actions Are Controlled By Relay Lines And Button Operation.

  • Casting structure assures machanical strength.
  • Fully adjustable hydraulic downfeed controls the rate of descent
  • Full blade cover provides more safety.
  • Gear drive system provides speed changing when saw blade is in unload running.
  • Bearing carbide guide enhances cutting stability and extends the blade life.
  • Cutting angle from 0 degree to 45 degree.
  • Stand jointed with water pan for collecting chip and water
  • Coolant system for wet cutting.
  • With Bi-metal blade, chip brush and length stop set
  • Wheel kit for convenient moving to various work stations
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