Sakkary offers a large bandwidth of machines, from low-cost entry-level models to high-end machines with a variety of control options.

Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine

Part No. 1

EXCEPTIONAL MOTION CONTROL: Increased quality and part production, less waste, and more uptime from high-performance components.

Strong, long-lasting, heavy-duty steel construction means years of unmatched productivity.

Fully-integrated CNC Control Software is intuitive and operator-friendly for less training, more uptime and increased

  • High precision Contour Cut plasma power supply
  • Windows based CNC control unit
  • Automatic nesting software
  • Automatic torch height control system
  • 3D collision protection system
  • Automatical exhaust suction system for plasma cutting
  • Cutting table with higher load capacity for oxy cutting
  • Accurate servo controlled motors on the “Y”, “X” and “Z” axis
  • Durable grinded linear rail guides on the “Y” axis
  • Durable grinded linear rail guides on the “X” axis
  • Accurate helical racks and pinions on “Y” and “X” axis
Name Specifications

The plasma power supply is the heart of a plasma cutting machine. It affects cutting speed, quality as well as operating expenses directly. The Worldwide known Hypertherm (USA)power supplies are used in the Loy-Mak A.Ş. machinesTorch height control unitIf the clearance between torch and the work plate is not appropriate, it causes higher angles on the cutting contours and also lower quality cuts. Torch height control unit provides an optimum cutting distance to increase the cutting qualityCNC control unitEmbeded figure library allows the operator to cut simple parts faster and easier, cutting simulation feature enables to test cutting process previously. Drawings can easily be sent to the controller by a USB Flash disc.

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