Sakkary offers a large bandwidth of machines, from low-cost entry-level models to high-end machines with a variety of control options.

CNC Punch Press

Part No. 454441

Latest Electro-servo transmission technology, can realize punching, forming, rolling fabrication
Rexroth inside, high compatibility
Remote machine supporting
Energy-saving, average power consumption is 4.5kw/h
Flexible manufacturing choice

The system can automatically search, to select the most suitable tool to processing, and display stamping time, processing capacity, die life (punches), etc.

Seamless worktable design, when the plate moved, it can avoid the plate and the worktable make a collision, guide rail, ball screw dust-proof protection.

The turret is made of 40Cr, completed in MAZAK 5 axes machining center. Bushing design makes the long servicing life of the turret
Name Specifications

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