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Heavy duty Vertical milling

Part No. 132456

This heavy bed-type universal milling machine with cross table combines high unladen weight, wide guides and high drive power for superior cutting performance.

The universal milling head can be swiveled on two planes and positioned at almost any spatial angle.

The feed on the Y- and X-axes is infinitely variable and all axes can be traversed in rapid mode. The large clamping table offers plenty of space for workpieces and clamping devices. T

Together with the extensive equipment, this model is ideal for industrial and machine manufacturing. 

  • Rough and finish machining
  • Hydro-static guideway, heavy load capacity
  • High precision, low noise
  • High wear- resistance
  • DRO available as optional
  • Suitable for turning intricate metal work materials.
  • Rapid speed in turning.
  • Precise turning of even complicated metal sheets.
  • Saves more time in turning than other types of workshop tools applied for turning.
  • Suitable for milling operations also.
  • Rigid in structure and works for long run.
  • Suitable for heavy turning operations.
Name Specifications
Table SIze 1000*500mm
Motor 10 Kw
  • Rough, rigid and finish machining parts which support for long term applicability.
  • Featured with hydrostatic guide way for heavy load capacity.
  • It provides precise machining with low noise.
  • High wear resistant.
  • Available with optional DRO.

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